Insurance Agent Careers: Soaring Potential

If you are a person who is always striving for success, you should consider joining our team of insurance agents at United Insurance Experts. We are seeking professionals who are interested in establishing a fulfilling, long-term career as an insurance agent for United Insurance Experts.

The Ideal Candidate for this Job

We already have a team of aspiring, innovative individuals, and we want you to become a part of it. However, this job is not for the casual worker; it is for the person who comes to work every day feeling invigorated and ready to achieve greatness in his/her daily tasks. An Energized employee is one who has a lot to offer to the company because innovation directly stems from an invigorated attitude.

Earnings and Incentives: Compensation You Deserve

At United Insurance Experts, we are genuinely interested in helping you maximize your earnings. United Insurance Experts offers a competitive earnings structure. You have the opportunity to earn even more when the highly-anticipated bonus earnings opportunities come around every quarter of the year. People often feel that they are underpaid in their job, but you will never feel that way as a United Insurance Experts agent because you are completely in control of the compensation you receive.

The perks do not end at the earning opportunities. We also offer our agents a variety of other incentives such as the chance to go on exciting trips. After working at a job for a while, people often become bored and lose their motivation. You will never become stricken with that attitude as a United Insurance Experts agent because there is an unyielding amount of earning opportunities and incentives to keep you engaged to come to work every day and put your maximum effort into everything you do on the job.

Training Support: Nationally Recognized Training Programs

You may be overwhelmed by the idea of becoming a United Insurance Experts agent because you do not have any experience as an insurance agent and the slightest inkling about the job of an insurance agent. Do not let allow either or both of those factors to hinder you from pursuing a career as a United Insurance Experts agent. We take the time and care needed to train every agent that we bring aboard. We will provide the right leadership to get you started with the skills and knowledge you will need to achieve your goals.

Technology: Support to Help You Succeed

Technology has revolutionized our modern world. At United Insurance Experts, we understand that fact perfectly well, which is why we provide our insurance agents with sales technology support that can be used on both your computer and smartphone to help you communicate with customers, make sales, and earn your maximum compensation.

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Join us and become a United Insurance Experts agent. Take the first step by submitting your contact information and uploading your resume. One of our recruiters will contact you to set up a meeting.

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