Do You Know Your Medicare Options?

When it comes to considering your Medicare options, you can spend hours doing your own research or you can make a single call to UIE. Medicare can become confusing and overwhelming. Allow UIE to educate and guide you through the many different plans, choices and cost considerations. We represent MULTIPLE major national insurance companies; not just a single carrier.

We dedicate ourselves to helping seniors find the best Medicare solutions for their medical needs and their finances. This difference provides you with a full comparison and the ability to select from more plans that may better suit your coverage and budget needs.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Help pay for “gaps” in Original Medicare. Include minimal standard coverages. Offer different enhanced coverages. Approved by each state they are offered.

Medicare Advantage Plans

HMO or PPO health plans. Limit out-of-pocket expenses every year. Require you to stay in-network for services. Sometimes include drug coverage.

Prescription Drug Plans

Have a Formulary or List of Covered Drugs. Only Formulary drugs count as out-of-pocket. Include three levels of covered expenses. Sometimes included in Medicare Advantage.

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