Medicare Advantage Plans

Finding the best Medicare advantage company could be a daunting experience. Stop worrying as you have landed in the right hands. United Insurance Experts is a reliable service provider directing you to the best plan that fits your needs. If you are looking for Medicare Advantage plan aka MA plans or Medicare part C read further.  

You can find the most competitive plans with United Insurance Experts. The advantages of using UIE, is that our licensed insurance agents can help you compare Medicare Advantage plans in Florida and get you enrolled in one that works for you. We can give you the option of more plans well within your budget. The plan comes with a host of benefits like hospitalization, doctor visit, preventative care, dental care, prescription drug coverage, hearing, vision, wellness program and fitness. 

There are many Medicare Advantage plans in Florida to choose from and these are some examples:

  • Health Maintenance Organization Plans (HMO): It offers network of doctors and hospitals where you can receive care. HMO requires plan approval for any hospital/doctor visit and prescriptions. If the beneficiary is outside the plan network, then the total cost has to be borne by the patient, except in case of an emergency. The referral of your primary care doctor may be necessary if you want to meet a specialist.

  • Preferred Provider Organization Plans (PPO): The beneficiary can choose from the list of hospitals and doctors from the network. The advantage of PPO is that you could choose from the doctors outside the network too but you may have to pay a higher cost. The PPO advantage is that there is no need for referrals to see a specialist.

Eligibility for Medicare Advantage Plan 

You must be enrolled in Part A and Part B and you must live in the plans service area. This may include people under age 65 who qualify for Medicare disability. People who have end-stage renal disease (ESRD) may be able to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. If you have ESRD, you may also be able to enroll in a Medicare Special Needs plan. (SNP) 

Medicare Supplement Plans

Help pay for “gaps” in Original Medicare. Include minimal standard coverages. Offer different enhanced coverages. Approved by each state they are offered.

Medicare Advantage Plans

HMO or PPO health plans. Limit out-of-pocket expenses every year. Require you to stay in-network for services. Sometimes include drug coverage.

Prescription Drug Plans

Have a Formulary or List of Covered Drugs. Only Formulary drugs count as out-of-pocket. Include three levels of covered expenses. Sometimes included in Medicare Advantage.