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Good day and welcome to Medicare made simple with the Medicare Myriam and her co-host Tracy from Smart Care Giving. Medicare made simple and valuable resources is brought to you by United Insurance Experts, call today 561-464-CARE that’s 561-464-2273 now here are Medicare Myriam and Tracy with Medicare made simple and valuable resources.

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Myriam Leiva an experienced Medicare Advisor, Myriam provides valuable insight and assistance on Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and prescription drug plans. She also aids in Part A&B filing with Social Security, representing some of the nation’s most reputable carriers.

Explore the depths of Medicare in the latest Newsletter on Much Love Lili gaining clarity on What is Medicare. Discover what Medicare truly means in today’s world and dive yourself with knowledge for a healthier tomorrow.

Medicare Made Simple With Valuable Resources​

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Medicare Myriam Show

Hello everyone! My name is Myriam Leiva, I’m the owner of United Insurance Experts located in Boca Raton. Before I start, I would like to share with you a little history about me and the purpose for the show. I have been in the financial industry for 15 years, over the course of 7 years now I’ve been focusing on Medicare. The purpose for the show is to provide education, clarity, guidance, resources and to have a better understanding on what Medicare can do for you. Our goal is to take the confusion out of Medicare. We also want to connect you with different resources that can help you.

Medicare Myriam Show

This show was not only created for soon to be 65-year-olds this is for all people that want to learn about Medicare you could be a son, a daughter, a niece, a nephew, a care giver someone that has been on Medicare for years and is still confused or just someone that needs a refresh. I know Medicare can be confusing, overwhelming and sometimes frustrating a lot of this is because you’re being bombarded with emails, mailers, TV commercials and I know you’ve seen the TV commercials. And maybe even unsolicited door knockers. You’re getting all kinds of information thrown at you from different directions and it’s hard to know, what’s the best route for you and who to trust? If you signed up for Medicare before your birth month your coverage should begin the first day of the month you turn 65. My advice to you is DON’T WAIT! If you know you want to get on Medicare start educating yourself as early as 6 months prior to your 65th birthday.

Prepare for Medicare

6 months prior to your birthday start learning, start getting that education, start learning all your options, because there are options out there and you’re not alone I am here if you need to call me if you need to you can email me at I am here to guide you. So, my advice is to make sure you prepare 6 months prior, so 3 months prior to your birthday you can start the enrollment process. For those that are already collecting social security benefits prior to turning 65 you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare parts A and B. You should be receiving your red, white and blue card in the mail, saying that let me quickly give you some advice on Medicare junk mail before your 65th birthday.

Medicare Junk Mail Tip

It can be very difficult to tell which mail is actually important, please don’t throw everything away just set it aside and go through it carefully you have no idea how many times I’ve had people call me and say, “Myriam, I have not received my Medicare card what is going on my birthday is in a few days, where is my Medicare card?” Well let me tell you, turns out to be they threw it away thinking it was junk mail. So, please just set it aside and go through it carefully because it could be your Medicare card or it could be a letter from social security. So, today I’m going to go over the basics of Medicare. What is Medicare? How and when to enroll? What are the parts of Medicare? Medicare costs? Medicare supplements also known as Medigap plans and Medicare advantage plans.

Medicare FAQs​

Medicare is a federal health Insurance program for people 65 and older. Under 65 and receiving social security disability Insurance for a certain amount of time or under 65 with end stage renal disease.

Your initial Medicare enrolment period is a 7 month window it begins 3 months prior to your 65th birthday and ending 3 months after your 65th birthday for those not collecting social security benefits you can enrol online at or you can call into social security at 1-800-772-1213 or you can visit your local social security office- if it’s open.

Now, my advice is to go to , it is the quickest way if you need help enrolling you can email me at I can help you, I can guide you, we could do it by fax into social security just give me a call I can help.

Part A covers your hospital stay your skilled nursing facility pretty much all the things that you need in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Part B, is a medical Insurance it covers your doctor’s visits and services other examples are outpatient care, clinic visits, ambulance services, preventative care, etc., For most, Part A is premium free after 10 years of work other costs could include a deductible some copays or co-insurance. Part B, does come with a cost this is surprising to many. For 2020, to the standard Part B premium is $170.10 per month, for many the Part B premium could be higher. There are other cost with Part B like some copays, deductibles and co-insurance. If you decide to only stay with Part A and Part B which is original Medicare, also known as Traditional Medicare, it does not cover everything, you pay 20% co-insurance and Medicare pays 80%. So, please know that if you stay with Original Medicare there is a gap that you will be responsible for.

This is where Part C comes along, Part C is also known as Medicare advantage plan they’re offered by private Insurance companies and I’m sure you have seen the commercials like I said earlier in the show they run all the time constantly they’re telling you, get at a Part B. credit you’re getting dental you’re getting hearing those are Medicare advantage plans. They cover everything that Original Medicare covers. All of your Part A and Part B benefits and most offer additional benefits like prescription drugs, dental and hearing and etc..

Most Medicare advantage plans are 0 premium, other costs could be copays and deductibles and co-insurance. One important thing to know about Medicare advantage plan is that they are required to set an annual maximum out of pocket limit, once you reach that limit the plan will pay all of the costs for the remaining year.

The standalone part D plan could come with copays and it does come with a premium. Now, let’s talk about Medicare supplements. Medicare supplements also known as Medigap plans, please know that these plans run from letters A through N varying and different coverages, of course the most popular letter is G. Most of you have heard of plan G, know that these are standardized they’re the same coverage everywhere. Okay, so this is important to know because I’ve had people come to me and say no I have planned G. with such and such company and I pay such and such amount and they don’t realize it’s the same coverage you just have to shop the best rate. Please know that United Insurance Experts is contracted with multiple companies around the nation and we can shop the best rate for your Medicare supplement like I said the Medicare supplement plans are standardized they’re the same identical plan. There’s only 2 different things that you have to look at, 1 being the rate, 2 the customer service. Please know you can reach me for anything regarding Medicare at 561-464-CARE that number again is 561-464-2273 or you can email me at that email again is

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