Medicare supplement plans also known as a medigap policy are often confused on which one to choose. It lowers your healthcare bills. Medicare Supplement (Medigap) is to extend your Medicare coverage to add extra insurance, which you can purchase from a private insurance company to help pay your share of the cost (cover the gap).

There are many Medicare supplement plans to choose from. They are named by letters A through N with contrasting benefits that’s why it’s so important to compare the different options to find the one that meets your needs.  Medicare Supplement plan are monitored by state insurance departments. The price can vary depending upon the state you live in. The plan covers only one person, which means each member of the household can choose the best plan that meets their personal healthcare needs.

Some Medicare supplement plans may offer additional coverage for foreign travel emergency coverage when you travel outside of the United States and its territories.  These are some of the benefits your supplement plan may have. You’ll be responsible to pay a $250.00 deductible each calendar year. After you meet the deductible, the plan will pay 80% of your medical emergency cost. The medical emergency must occur within 60 days of each trip; and there’s a $50,000.00 lifetime limit.  Before you plan to travel outside of the United States, we recommend you speak with your Medigap insurance plan and/or if we are your agents, please give us a call to get more information about your plan coverage.

Medicare supplement plans do not include prescription drug coverage. Medicare Prescription drug coverage is optional. If you decide not to get it when you’re first eligible and you don’t have any other credible drug coverage you may be penalized (“LEP”) if you enroll in a part D plan at a later date.  Generally, you will have to pay a penalty for as long as you are enrolled in a Part D stand alone or a Medicare advantage plan.  There are two ways to get Medicare drug coverage you may purchase a standalone part D plan or through a Medicare advantage plan (Part C) that offers prescription drug coverage.

Enrolling in a Medicare Supplement Plan is simple when you have us by your side. Your search for Medicare Supplement Plans stops at United Insurance Experts. The task of choosing the best Supplement Plans for you or your loved one can be overwhelming but with UIE offering multiple carriers under one roof, it is easy to pick the best plan matching your specifications.

Once you are eligible for part A and enrolled in Part B you may purchase a Medicare supplement plan. The best time to purchase a medigap plan is during your 6 -month open enrollment. During this initial period, you are able to purchase a policy without medical questions even if you have pre-existing conditions.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Help pay for “gaps” in Original Medicare. Include minimal standard coverages. Offer different enhanced coverages. Approved by each state they are offered.

Medicare Advantage Plans

HMO or PPO health plans. Limit out-of-pocket expenses every year. Require you to stay in-network for services. Sometimes include drug coverage.

Prescription Drug Plans

Have a Formulary or List of Covered Drugs. Only Formulary drugs count as out-of-pocket. Include three levels of covered expenses. Sometimes included in Medicare Advantage.