Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans: An Overview

Medicare Advantage plans are one of the most popular health plans offered by several health insurance companies these days. These medical plans can offer you a wide range of health benefits you need. 

Medicare Advantage plans cover special needs plans, Medicare savings accounts, health maintenance organizations, Medicare savings accounts, and more. Many other types of benefits are available to Medicare beneficiaries, including dental care, drugs, and other necessary coverage plans. 

Here, you’ll learn how these Medicare Advantage plans work best for you. 

How exactly Medicare Advantage plans work?

Various private insurance companies have different healthcare benefits regarding Medicare Advantage plans. These benefits do not include clinical trials, new benefits from legislation, or national coverage determinations. 

Medicare Advantage plans include all related emergency and urgent care services. These plans vary depending on what type of additional coverage you need. There are two well-known Medicare Advantage plans that you need to know are PPOs (preferred provider organizations) and HMOs (health maintenance organizations).

In order to suit your needs and requirements, some companies also provide additional options, including:

  1. Special Needs Plans (SNPs)
  2. Private Fee-for-Service plans (PFFS) plans
  3. Medicare savings account plans

If you have enrolled in original Medicare, you can also enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, which is an essential benefit. 

What benefits do Medicare Advantage plans offer?

Medical Advantage plans involve both Part A and Part B Medicare services. These Medicare services are suitable for your personal healthcare needs.

  1. Part A (hospital insurance):

Part A of Medicare covers hospital insurance that includes:

  1. Hospice care
  2. short-term hospital inpatient treatment
  3. short-term care in a nursing home
  4. limited in-home medical services

2. Part B( Medical insurance)

Part B of Medicare covers medical insurance. In addition, all Medicare Advantage plans offer exactly the same services as Medicare Part B, which include:

  1. diagnostic procedures and tests
  2. persistent medical equipment
  3. both inpatient and outpatient mental health services
  4. Preventive measures
  5. services and equipment for treatment

Who can apply for a Medicare Advantage plan?

The Medicare Advantage Plan is applicable to:

  1. Older people with age over 65
  2. A younger generation of disabled persons
  3. End-stage renal disease patients 

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Key Takeaways

One of the most effective options for Medicare beneficiaries to get healthcare benefit plans under a single roof is to choose Medicare Advantage plans. 

These Medicare Advantage plans can offer you a wide range of benefits to meet your healthcare needs.