Medicare coverage

What is Medicare? Who needs Medicare?

I have been in the financial year for 15 years, over the course of 7 years now I have been specializing in medicare. The purpose for this show is to provide an education, clarity, guidance, resources and to have a better understanding on what medicare can do for you. My goal is to take the confusion out of Medicare. Know the show was not only created for whom soon to be 65 years old, this is for all people that want to learn about medicare, you could be a son, a daughter, a niece, a nephew, a caregiver, someone that has been on medicare for years and still confused, so just someone that needs to refresh. I know Medicare can be confusing, overwhelming and sometimes frustrating. A lot of this is because you are being bombarded with emails, mailers, TV commercials, and I know you have seen the TV commercials and may be even unsolicited door knockers, you are getting all kinds of information’s thrown in from different directions, and it’s hard to know what is the best wrap for you and can trust? Learn from our show…

Myriam Leiva
Licensed Medicare Professional