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Radioshow – Medicare made simple with the Medicare Myriam

Are you 65 or turning 65 soon then you need to give Medicare expert Myriam and her Dream Team at United Insurance Experts a call today.

They specialize in Medicare and will guide you in making the right choice for your specific needs.

 1 plan doesn’t fit all! United Insurance Experts offer you choices Blue Cross, Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare and many many more.

Call, Myriam at United Insurance Experts at 561-464-CARE that’s 561-464-2273.

Medicare can be very confusing Miriam is here to help!

 Call Myriam today at 561-464-CARE that’s 561-464-2273. Myriam will educate you with no obligation on your part or visit UnitedInsuranceExperts.com 561-464-CARE or unitedInsuranceExperts.com. United Insurance Experts is headquartered in Boca Raton and license nationally speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Good Morning and welcome to Medicare made simple with the Medicare Myriam and her co-host Tracy from Smart Care Giving. Medicare made simple is brought to you by United Insurance Experts, call today 561-464-CARE that’s 561-464-2273 now here are Medicare Myriam and Tracy with Medicare made simple.

Hello Everyone! My name is Myriam Leiva, I’m the owner of United Insurance Experts located in Boca Raton. Before I start I would like to share with you a little history about me and the purpose for the show. I have been in Florida my whole life born here, raised here got married here and raising 2 wonderful girls ages 10 and 3 not planning on leaving Florida anytime soon. I love my home town I’ve been in the financial industry for 15 years, over the course of 7 years now I’ve been specializing in Medicare. The purpose for the show is to provide education, clarity, guidance, resources and to have a better understanding on what Medicare can do for you. Our goal is to take the confusion out of Medicare. No, this show was not only created for soon to be 65 year old this is for all people that want to learn about Medicare you could be a son, a daughter, a niece, a nephew, a care giver someone that has been on Medicare for years and is still confused or just someone that needs a refresh. I know Medicare can be confusing, overwhelming and sometimes frustrating a lot of this is because you’re being bombarded with emails, mailers, TV commercials and I know you’ve seen the TV commercials. And maybe even unsolicited door knockers. You’re getting all kinds of information thrown at you from different directions and it’s hard to know. What’s the best route for you and who to trust? If you signed up for Medicare before your birth month your coverage should begin the first day of the month you turn 65. My advice to you is DONT WAIT! If you know you want to get on Medicare.

6 months prior to your birthday start learning, start getting that education, start learning all your options, because there are options out there and you’re not alone I am here if you need to call me if you need to you can email me at questions@unitedInsuranceExperts.com. I am here to guide you. So, my advice is to make sure you prepare 6 months prior, so 3 months prior to your birthday you can start the enrolment process. For those that are already collecting social security benefits prior to turning 65 you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare parts A and B. You should be receiving your red, white and blue card in the mail, saying that let me quickly give you some advice on Medicare junk mail. It can be very difficult to tell which mail is actually important, please don’t throw everything away just set it aside and go through it carefully you have no idea how many times I’ve had people call me and say, “ Myriam, I have not received my Medicare card what is going on my birthday is in a few days, where is my Medicare card?” Well let me tell you, turns out to be they threw it away thinking it was junk mail. So, please just set it aside and go through it carefully because it could be your Medicare card or it could be a letter from social security. So, today I’m going to go over the basics of Medicare. What is Medicare? How and when to enroll? What are the parts of Medicare? Medicare costs? Medicare supplements also known as Medigap plans and Medicare advantage plans.

Let’s start, What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal health Insurance program for people 65 and older. Under 65 and receiving social security disability Insurance for a certain amount of time or under 65 with end stage renal disease.

 When and how do I enroll in Medicare?

Your initial Medicare enrolment period is a 7 month window it begins 3 months prior to your 65th birthday and ending 3 months after your 65th birthday for those not collecting social security benefits you can enrol online at ssa.gov/medicare or you can call into social security at 1-800-772-1213 or you can visit your local social security office- if it’s open.

Now, my advice is to go to ssa.gov/medicare , it is the quickest way if you need help enrolling you can email me at questions@unitedInsuranceExperts.com. I can help you, I can guide you, we could do it by fax into social security just give me a call I can help.

Once enrolled you have original Medicare. Which is made out of 2 parts Part A and Part B.

Part A covers your hospital stay your skilled nursing facility pretty much all the things that you need in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Part B, is a medical Insurance it covers your doctor’s visits and services other examples are outpatient care, clinic visits, ambulance services, preventative care, etc., For most, Part A is premium free after 10 years of work other costs could include a deductible some copays or co-insurance. Part B, does come with a cost this is surprising to many. For 2020, to the standard Part B premium is $170.10 per month, for many the Part B premium could be higher. There are other cost with Part B like some copays, deductibles and co-insurance. If you decide to only stay with Part A and Part B which is original Medicare, also known as Traditional Medicare, it does not cover everything, you pay 20% co-insurance and Medicare pays 80%. So, please know that if you stay with Original Medicare there is a gap that you will be responsible for.

This is where Part C comes along, Part C is also known as Medicare advantage plan they’re offered by private Insurance companies and I’m sure you have seen the commercials like I said earlier in the show they run all the time constantly they’re telling you, get at a Part B. credit you’re getting dental you’re getting hearing those are Medicare advantage plans. They cover everything that         Original Medicare covers. All of your Part A and Part B benefits and most offer additional benefits like prescription drugs, dental and hearing and etc..

Most Medicare advantage plans are 0 premium, other costs could be copays and deductibles and co-insurance. One important thing to know about Medicare advantage plan is that they are required to set an annual maximum out of pocket limit, once you reach that limit the plan will pay all of the costs for the remaining year.

Now, let’s talk about Part D, Part D you can get a in 2 ways through a Medicare advantage plan or a standalone Part D plan.

The standalone part D plan could come with copays and it does come with a premium. Now, let’s talk about Medicare supplements. Medicare supplements also known as Medigap plans, please know that these plans run from letters A through N varying and different coverages, of course the most popular letter is G. Most of you have heard of plan G, know that these are standardized they’re the same coverage everywhere. Okay, so this is important to know because I’ve had people come to me and say no I have planned G. with such and such company and I pay such and such amount and they don’t realize it’s the same coverage you just have to shop the best rate. Please know that United Insurance Experts is contracted with multiple companies around the nation and we can shop the best rate for your Medicare supplement like I said the Medicare supplement plans are standardized they’re the same identical plan. There’s only 2 different things that you have to look at, 1 being the rate, 2 the customer service. Please know you can reach me for anything regarding Medicare at 561-464-CARE that number again is 561-464-2273 or you can email me at questions@unitedInsuranceExperts.com that email again is questions@unitedInsuranceExperts.com

Before I introduce my co-host I would like to tell you a short story on how I met Tracy. Even though, I have many years of experience in Medicare I never had first-hand experience until my mom was diagnosed with cancer and I became her caretaker and one of my colleagues recommended I speak to Tracy. Tracy has been such a blessing to our family, she has recommended resources I had no clue existed but let’s hear it straight from Tracy herself.

My name is Tracy Lamb and I am the CEO and founder at Smart Care Giving and I created a company about 3 years ago after working in hospice for about 15 years. I saw there was a really big need in the healthcare industry. A lot of people take care of patients at home moms, dads, special needs children and I am too a care giver. I took care of my dad up until this past February, he passed away and I take care of my mom. And there really was no for lack of a better word a one-stop-shop for people who take care of a loved one at home to be able to get resources and find out about resources and also actually be able to call in or email in and actually ask questions and be able to say this is what’s going on with my mom or this is what’s going on with my dad, can you tell me companies that could help me to do different things. Since there was really no company out there like that, I thought that was kind of crazy since I’ve been in the healthcare industry for 20 years and I knew about a lot of different companies that were capable of doing that so I went ahead and I started my company and that’s basically what we do we basically bridge the gap we connect all anyone who takes care of a loved one at home worldwide, can contact us they can email us or they can contact us through our toll free number.

And they can let us know get on the phone and say this is what’s going on and this is what I need help with, so that’s basically kind of what we do. I’m spotlighting today juror 3 companies that are just on my directory at the global directory of companies that offer products and services that can help those people I’m gonna go ahead and spotlight those 3. Just to tell look at bottom the first one would be a company called elderhelpers.org.

Elderhelpers.org one of the biggest question people have is they’re going to work they need somebody to stay with the patient for a while and they can’t afford to pay $20 an hour every time you do that elderhelpers.org is a completely volunteer organization all you have to do is plug in your zip code and you will get a list of volunteers that have been background screen also you can trust that they are going to be safe in your home with your patient and they will not charge you anything to volunteers. It’s a wonderful, wonderful organization they are nationwide. The second organization I want to talk about is a company called sitnstand.com it’s sit the letter N and then the words stand.com. They have come up with a product that my father personally wouldn’t have killed short which if I had known about it again before he passed away but I did not know about it.

This is a product that my father was heavy and he got to where his legs were very weak towards the end and so he had a very hard time going from sitting position on the couch, chair towards up right position. Sit and Sat is a product that is sold on Amazon by the way, you can find it on Amazon or BEDMART. it will actually the person can be sitting in on the couch on a chair in the dining room where ever and it will Lift them all the way up and help them to stand. That is a huge product I cannot stress enough how wonderful company that is like I say my father, would have still tried that product was the normal speech it would have been an enormous help to him at the end.

The last company I would like to highlight his exploration journey I’ll get around since 2014 to company called Tactical Rehab their website is tractablerehabdme.com this is a company that actually helps military vets they’re currently helping military that you’re getting ready to start helping. The people that aren’t vets that as well but they currently are hoping that they have a product that is phenomenal it’s called custom orthotics and their website so that you know is tactical rehabitdnb.com you can also go to my website on my website traciknows.com or smart-caregiving.com either one will take you to my website and just click on to our care givers register to become a caregiver. I’m it’s completely free it’s always completely free and then you’ll get access to my global directory all of these companies are on I can record it shouldn’t stand may not be because I literally just got them or we could go Tactical Rehab is  custom orthotics and those are shoe inserts that you can put that are made they actually come into your home and they custom mould your feet and the it this helps so much, these been made specifically in the past so the military can help so much with your back pain with hip problems with knee problems it is night and day different and they can squeeze custom soles the thing they can slip into any of your pairs of shoes there absolutely 10000000 times better than anything you can buy over the counter or in the regular everyday market, they’re absolutely positively wonderful I cannot recommend apps you know. Those are just 3 of the company that my company represents.

But every week we will be taking email questions, so if you have any questions about something that you would like me to tell you about a company that can help you with or answer any questions that you have I will be more than happy to choose.

Myriam :Yes, also know you can go do you can go to my site unitedInsuranceExperts.com and there because there’s gonna be a tab and it’s called smart care giving and there will direct you directly to Tracy’s website where you can sign on and look at all these wonderful partners.

Tracy: Yes, and that’s fantastic and like Myriam have said, we are partnering with various companies that can help you there are companies out there that can help you with your finances. We have a company that has a patented beds sore Hello also if you have problems with blood sores there is bore sole mattress that been patented all of these are different kinds of companies that all I know that after again working in the health industry for a long time. I knew these are products and services that people wanted the people needed and it could just be a one stop shop and people could understand that we are there for you. You can join us on Smart Care Giving community become a smart care giver so don’t have to work, so hard so you don’t have to be wondering what do I do now?, how can I help you can help me. I’m alone in this, you’re not alone in this. There are 53000000 people worldwide that are dealing with the exact same thing.

Myriam: I’m one of them Tracy!

Tracy: Absolutely!

Myriam: I felt that myself when my parents were diagnosed with cancer I felt alone, I felt that I  didn’t know where to go I mean you guided me with some programs that I didn’t even know existed so thank you for your all your help.

Tracy: Oh No! You’re welcome! You know I think what you guys do is phenomenal as well you know the reality of what Medicare and Medicaid shoes very very difficult programs with the government runs and you know half of the problem is education as far as what Medicare covers what Medicare doesn’t cover, what Medicaid covers what Medicare doesn’t cover, you know and everybody just automatically, unfortunately!, assume that, I got Medicare, Medicaid and it’s all covered and unfortunately that’s exact. I didn’t know that either I didn’t I didn’t know any anything about all of this, it’s like maybe one show will talk about a little bit about hospice care. Hospice care is one of those words that just like you know the flag.

Myriam: Yeah!

Tracy: People say hospice a run and they’re like oh no you know we don’t recall happens and you have 3 days before someone talk to them that is so not true. I thought the same thing before I worked for them but it’s just so not true. My father wonder how if you’re at 3 different times before he died. In one time he was there for 2 years, so what I what we need what people need to understand that this is going to be an educational program. Its’s gonna be Myriam educating about anybody having questions about Medicare and Medicaid and all of those different things because there’s a ton of nuances that are go into all of that and then it’s going to be me answering questions as far as all the different nuances that people come into when they’re caring for any kind of problem at all and the reality is that no matter who you are no matter what age you are.

Caregiving will eventually come into your life. Somebody will eventually need it, you know and that’s what that’s what we have to do.

Myriam: That’s correct! And that’s why we’re here and please email us at questions@unitedInsuranceexperts.com. if there’s any topics you want us to discuss on the next show please let us know we would definitely. Right Tracy!

Tracy: Absolutely, we want to know, we want questions so give us give us all your questions all the things that you’ve been afraid that they didn’t know who to ask, all the things that you were not sure about you know quote like I say questions about Medicare, what does Medicare cover, what does Medicare not cover what is Medicaid cover, you know what does what can we do about you know somebody, being able to help as far as I can to appointment or different things like that. There’s a gazillion different kinds of questions that are out there, and we’re counting on you guys to give us the question. I know a lot of the questions just simply because I deal with care givers on a daily basis and Myriam does a lot of questions because she’s still there on a regular basis but we want to hear from you guys as well we want to hear what all you guys have to say for sure. Thank you so much for being with us today, we have really really enjoyed it we are super excited about being able to come through you each week and be on the show each week, please feel free to contact us and right as those are questions that question@unitedInsurancewxperts.com . Myriam’s website is UnitedInsuranceExperts.com and again might website is traciknows.com or she smart – caregiving.com all right and we’re super excited and have a wonderful day.

Thank you Traci and thank you for listening I Medicare Myriam and I’ll see you next week.

Thanks for listening to Medicare made simple with Medicare Myriam and Tracy right here on legends 100.3 Medicare made simple is brought to you by United Insurance Experts for more information call 561464-2273 that’s 561464-2273 tune in next Saturday at 9:00 AM for more Medicare made simple with Myriam and Tracy.


Myriam Leiva
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